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Homies Video Premiere​ + Art Show
June 8th, 2019
Screening begins at 8:45 pm
22 Ludlow Street
New York, New York
First full-length video filmed and edited by
Kei Tsuruta. Homies Network is a skate group based in New York City. At the time when they began filming, almost every member of this tight friend group was still in high school. They filmed every day, from the freezing winter to the rainy spring; their dedication kept them going through it all. Kei wanted to make a video that showcased everyone's unique and youthful personality/passion for skateboarding. Homies Network is the most special group of boys you will ever meet.
Artwork by Quinn Batley, Mark Custer, and Diego Donival 
Click here to watch the full video. 
Homies x Crush.jpg
Flyer by Luke Lenski
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